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The Nifty Noodle- Honeymoon Edition

July 6, 2016

Wedding, check. Honeymoon, check. Things have settled down and it’s back to reality. And finaly back to blogging.

Figurinig out where we wanted to go for our honeymoon was fairly a breeze as we both enjoy traveling to Asia. We decided on Japan and Bali. Japan was new to the both of us and even though Wes has been to Bali, it just seemed to be the go to place in Asia to relax. We took advantage of our layovers and got to spend some time in Singapore and Kaula Lumpur.

In the 2 weeks that we were gone, we both felt that we maximized our time overseas, yet found time to lay around and do nothing.

A major plus for me is that I have a ton of ideas to blog about so stay tuned! Here a few teaser photos.





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